1970 Volvo 145s

1970 Volvo 145s
wagonmaster, May 22, 2008
    • therage
      Very clean, good looking car. I had a 71 just like this. Unfortunately, turned out to be the greatest disappointment. Bought it in 78 from the original owner. Invested in replacing twin SU carbs with single webber, converted from automatic to stick, replaced the entire brake system only to have the 4-wheel disk calipers start locking up a year later. Had it stripped to the bare metal and repainted original green.Was an expert paint job, but body started to rust out 2 years later. Door knobs fell off, Switches broke. Steering box went bad. All for a lousy 20 mpg at best. Man, I missed my Datsun! Total invested?.Probably 3500 bux. Broke down on me every freakin' week. Electrical problems I was constantly working on it. I bought the car with 111 thousand miles. Sold it with 144 thousand. In ten years, I only got to drive it 33 thousand. Let the cats live it in until the ordinance nazis made me get rid of it. Lady bought the car for 100 bux but only took the title. I got another 75 from the crusher.

      Best thing one could do for a Volvo is scrap the entire drive train and replace it with a good ole' American V8, auto tranny, with stiffer springs for handling. BUT unless you just have that much extra time JUST to devote to this particular car, what have you gained that is resellable. I'd rather invest the time (now) in something better.

      Reason I say this. Volvo USED to build decent cars in the 50's to mid-60's but labor strife from a socialist workforce, Belgian incompetency on the alternate assembly line, and Russian metal made for not that great of a car overall. Yea, it'd take a hit, but handling, performance, mpg, and reliability ALL suffered. I can't tell you how many late-model, non-running Volvo wagons wind-up at the charity auctions (Goodwill). Now that the crushers give 400 bux for anything, that's where the charities send these non runners

      I loved the old V-vos (544's), the P1800's, and even some of the 122's, but when they went boxy, they went bad. No wonder Ta-Ta now owns them.
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