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    The primary purpose of the Station Wagon Forums is for discussions about station wagons. Unlike other Internet forums, this community is not a place for the following: 1) vulgar behavior, 2) personal attacks, 3) general immaturity, 4) trolling. This forum is based on mutual respect and tolerance of others and others’ opinions. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated on the Station Wagon Forums and members must comply with the Forum’s rules:

    Forum Rules

    • All forum content (including but not limited to threads, posts, personal messages (AKA conversations), signatures, user titles, images/video, tags) are to be friendly in nature and must not contain cursing, insults, threats, harassment, intimidation, belittlement or hostility.
    • Do not post messages, PM/conversations, signatures, user titles, images/video with the sole intent of starting a dispute.
    • Do not insult or attack another member because they do not agree with your opinion.
    • Do not respond to an insult and/or a personal attack with another insult and/or personal attack. (Report any insult or attack to a moderator immediately by clicking on the report post icon).
    • No adult content (threads, posts, PM/conversations, images, video, etc) is allowed.
    • Spamming or excessively promoting a product, service or website (including referral links and/or referral coupons) through the forum or unsolicited PM/conversations is not allowed.
    • You may only have one account. Sharing your account with someone else and/or creating multiple/alternate accounts is forbidden.
    • Intentional abuse and/or misuse of forum functionality is forbidden.
    • Any attempt to circumvent and/or failure to comply with the forum rules may result in threads/posts being locked/deleted and/or an infraction(s) being issued.

    Failure to comply with these rules may result in your post being locked/deleted without warning and/or the loss of forum privileges or being permanently banned from the forums. It is your responsibility to be aware of the forums rules.
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