2006 Peugeot 407SW

2006 Peugeot 407SW and 1999 (75th Anniversary) MGF

2006 Peugeot 407SW
buffalox, Nov 7, 2011
    • Poison_Ivy
      There's this combination dealership, bicycle shop and filling station where I go get my wagon tanked. I asked the owner about possible trades, after I get my inspection completed. There was this Diahatsu which was thrifty. But, it had a rust through, because the owner didn't clear the wheelwell from debris. There was still packed together leaves behind the rust hole.
      Since I don't like being in the apartment, I went for a walk, Sunday morning, and went by the station. Since I wasn't driving there, I happened to see the following vehicle in the side of the building seen only possible by walking by. It's a version of that roadster pictured left of the Peugeot.
      I went back, this week, and asked the owner if it was for sale. He looked open for a trade and was telling me that it had a small hole in the top and that it was a one previous owned vehicle. He was honest to mention it needing a head gasket which is common on these, until an aftermarket gasket was developed. This is one of the early models, using a type of hydro-elastic spring system, similar to the older Austin 1800s and Metros. They are inheritently unintentional programmed failures, because the nitrogen gas, sitting at the top of these rubber units, seeps through, just like ordinary air seeps through tires. That's why you have to pump your tires up periodically. He wants 2,500€ which seems fair. But, replacement suspension bellows cost around 170€ each, not including taking it somewhere to have the system bled and pressurized. Knowing that it'll sag once again, within 10 to 15 years, going back to this system is out of the question. The second alternative would be to replace the bellows with an aftermarked consecutive spring unit set with compatable shock absorbers. There's a set on ebay going for 1,020.30€ without shipping (around 48€) which should last for the life of the car which I find more in line with sensibility, despite the rediculous amount they want for the update. My practical mind says that I should stay away from something I would have to continually insure, until I found a garage, and would only be practical for joyrides, since there's no place to store anything you would need a wagon for. Since it's mid-engined, you haven't got a trunk usefull for more than a pic-nic, if the spare tire's up front. My practical side also says that driving it around in an uncivilized country like this one turned out to be, after losing the war, will just ruin any fun, as soon as texting tailgaters show up on my mirror while cops sit behind computers chasing dissident internet posters.
      My impractical Devil in my ear reminds me of the good times I had in convertibles. One of them being the older MGB my buddy had and the mid-engined X 1/9 FIATs I used to work on and wished they had made them to accomodate persons of my size, without having to go out and find its rarer larger Lancia Monte Carlo cousin. The color isn't my preference, whatsoever. But; it's got a cool dash with silver instruments and is a rare car with an undeserved poor reputation, only because of the suspension and head gasket (okay, so the earlier ones didn't yet have the chassis-stiffening upgrade yet. But, I don't intend to risk a roll-over, through racing it anyway) of which can get easilly ironed out. It's also mid-engined which should be pleasant to drive. Painting it and replacing the ugly grey fabric interior with a leather one can stay on the agenda, for now. The dealership might let me keep it there, until I accumulate a couple paycheques needed to get the suspension update. So, what should I do?
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