Toyota FJ 60

Make and Model:
Land Cruiser
6 Cylinder
  • My 1986 Land Cruiser is my next project. I am still working toward installing a LS6 in my Chevy Parkwood (Check for Sarge in the Garage, page 5)
    Anyway after the LS project is done, I will turn my attention to my 86 Toyota Landcruiser. My plan is to pull the straight 6 and replace it with the Chevy 327 that is currently in the Parkwood.
    One of the things I hope to find is a 5 speed manual tranny. They were only installed in Cruisers sold in Australia.
    Sooo... If there are Forum members down under who could put me in touch with a scrapyard where I could get the 5 speed, I would appreciate it