1984 Chevrolet Caprice

metallic brown
  • I bought this wagon 2011. when it came to me with trailer it looked miserable. back roof had a stick so it doesn´t come off and it smell terrible inside.
    Outside it was green and enginebay was more likely rusty than painted.
    First year i washed car like 6 times outside and inside 4 times. I had to keep all windows open so interior could dry.
    I installed new pair of rear springs, new set of batteries and new starter. Fuel line had to be replaced entirely and rear brakeline was broken. Front brake disc had to be replaced as well cause it was rusted broken. Then a littlebit paint on enginebay and it was ready for some cruising.
    Next year i had to replace transmission cooler lines and filter and some little things such as boxing rear lower links.

    2013 i bought it a griffin aluminium cooler and electricfan, built rear brakes and changed to double exhaust system. Also added polyurethane bushing allover the car.
    End of 2013 i had to tear the nose section off, chanced driveshaft u joints and welded body a bit.

    2014 i painted engine metallic blue and chanced intakemanifoild casgets and did reassembly whole car.

    Now i´am looking forward to put rear swaybar and boxing upper rear links and building a gas-engine that provides 250-400hp and with fuel injection it would be efficent. Im planning on building it to a sleeper wagon and pro touring crossing.