1966 Pontiac Laurentian Safari

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Artesian Turquois Metallic
8 Cylinder
  • According to the GM Vintage Vehicle Services this car was manufactured in Oshawa, Ontario on January 27, 1966 and shipped on January 31, 1966. The manufactured number for sale in Canada was 1,596 which make this car somewhat rare. The car was sold at the Boulevard Pontiac Buick dealership in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Options :
    - A33 : Tail Gate Window Electric Control
    - F40 : Heavy duty Front & Rear Suspension
    - M35 : Powerglide Automatic
    - P01 : Wheel Trim Cover
    - P84 : *.55-14.4Pr-Hwy-Oe Tire
    - 283 Cid 195Hp 2bbl Strato Flash V8

    I have acquired this car on Sept 19, 2017 from the first and only owner. Was originally bought to be the backup of the delivery vehicle for the family owned grocery. Since the delivery vehicle seldomly broke, this wagon was rarely used and sat for many years in the heated home garage sheltered away from the element and rarely out under the rain and never used in the harsh Canadian winter months.

    The wagon is all original...Paint...Interior...Engine...Trans..Diff...Preserved engine bay with factory chalk marking...it is a true time capsule...Runs like new, no rattle and all accessories in full working condition...

    I just drove it a few hours ago and it will be stored in a secured heathed facility until next spring.
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