1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass cruiser

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8 Cylinder
  • Been in the family since new. My aunt bought it from the dealership where my mom worked. She literally drove it to church on Sundays in her small town, and drove 60 miles down the highway to visit her daughter once in awhile. The folks bought it off her when she quit driving. They lived in the Okanagan by then. My dad babied it, but he made it more of a man's car: trans cooler, air assist springs, trailer hitch & brake controller. Pulled a small holiday trailer up to the Armstrong Fair, where his vintage tractor club showed their stuff every summer. He'd also tow a utility trailer now and then. I bought the car off my mom when my dad passed away in '04. It was our second car for several years, but no shoulder belts in the back made it not so great for kids growing out of boosters. Plus, the winters here can be pretty harsh. So it's basically a third car...