1990 Buick Lesabre Estate wagon

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8 Cylinder
  • Found a nice 1990 Buick Estate Wagon on Ebay. That is the start of the problems. After a crazy week trying to pay for the wagon. Then the shipper was totally off his rocker. She started & ran off the transport. Sat over night & battery died. Found many switches in on & around dash board. Well after I disabled 5 ignition cut offs. Reconnected all the wires. She started & ran. The first ride to registrar. Had to go to dealer to have Vin checked for errors. The Engine check light had bulb removed. 7 trouble codes & black smoke. I asked the seller to tell me the truth? His old couple used as a grocery getter? Had far too many cobbled together & bailing wire with home wiring to be a one owner Wagon. The wagon has been sitting in garage waiting for parts since December. I finally got all the parts in Carb, Vacuum lines, Radiator, Alternator, Fan belts, Cruise control module, Radio, Exhaust & a change of Transmission fluid & set off to return a set of tires. So far so good. Well I guess I had a sign on my wagon. Some brain dead old man cell phone user ran a red light & turned into my lane. Head on crash. The Police officer told me to stay with my Wagon. The other driver has quite a bit of road rage. The Police officer tried to see the video from traffic cam. Nope? The cameras at intersection are broke. Need to find a front clip & finish the engine & body work. Have till May 18 to get her ready for the Cruise to Mary Jane Thurston State Park Grand Rapids Ohio. Have a fender & the rest of the parts. Taking my time? LOL New sheet metal Radiator support took a blood donation. Hate Blood on the finish. Tried to find some auto body shop to paint new parts. Nope. These collision shops here want the full insurance totaled check? Then they tell me parts are not available? I went to Ollies & bought all the White spray paint & primer. Sanding & filling all the holes for molding. Might have her running & on the road to get Street legal again inspection from Ohio Highway patrol. I am confused by the FACT? Some were some one is painting cars that show up on the road cruising & at shows>? None of the parts fit. Fender I paid $500 for & grill & bumper at $1000. Now blower for heater inop. Does not run good & I blew through the $4500 Hagerty Insurance gave me for totaled Buick. Out of money patients & strong back to complete. The get diagnosis of Leukemia? Not sure I can live long enough to complete. Depressing.